Bontempi: What Keeps Us Awake

Bontempi: What Keeps Us Awake
2004, independent

Carla and Lynette Gillis’s first post-Plumtree project. A sparse, mellow eight-song affair featuring “Diabolica” and “My Amp Plays The Radio.”

Format: digital download (Zunior)

Mass Teen Fainting

Mass Teen Fainting
1995, Cinnamon Toast Records

We’re selling off the first, original, and only pressing of our first album! Limited quantities available. Plumtree’s endearing, youthful debut includes “Tropical,” “In The Sink” and “Sodium Chloride.”

Format: digital download (Zunior, iTunes). CDs sold out.

Plumtree Predicts The Future

Plumtree Predicts The Future
1997, Cinnamon Toast Records)

With only 25 copies remaining, this is a special opportunity to buy a first (and only) pressing of a very rare album. Plumtree’s brisk, powerpop sophomore album includes “Scott Pilgrim,” “Go!” and “You Just Don’t Exist.”

Format: digital download (Zunior, iTunes). CDs sold out.

This Day Won't Last At All

This Day Won’t Last At All
(2000, Endearing Records)

Plumtree’s third and final album is an accomplished, bittersweet swan song that includes “Regret,” “My My” and “Hello Again.”

CDs sold out.

Format: digital download (Zunior, iTunes). CDs sold out.

Plumtree Best Of

Best Of
2010, Follow You Home Records

Fifteen carefully selected songs from Plumtree’s three full-length albums, including the rare version of “Scott Pilgrim” from the 1996 Inbreds/Plumtree split seven-inch on PF Records. This is the recording heard in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World and on its soundtrack.

Other tracks include “Go!,” “Tropical,” “Hello Again,” “You Just Don’t Exist” and “In the Sink.” Bonus amusing rarities from the very early years (1993–1994).

Format: digital download: (Zunior, iTunes)

Catriona Sturton / Bumblebee

2014, Independent

The long-awaited debut release from Plumtree’s Catriona Sturton. Check out her fantastic debut EP of heavy folk blues.

Tracks include “Heavy Weather,” “Tea for Two” and “Black is the Colour.”

Format: CD, digital download: (Catriona Sturton)

Overnight / Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home
Overnight / Bryan Lee O’Malley
2015, Distributed by Outside Music

Overnight was formed by Carla and Lynette of Plumtree in 2008. Formerly SISTER, they play heavy, emotional guitar rock lightened up by three-part harmonies and sweet solos. Ten-track debut album dedicated to their sister Darlene and influenced by their rock roots. Produced by Joel Plaskett and Alaska B.

A special bundle is available: limited-edition white vinyl, digital download, an Overnight pin and a super-special bonus illustration by Scott Pilgrim cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley printed on linen paper. Only 100 copies available!

Tracks include “Unsinkable” and “Follow Me.”

Format: Vinyl, digital download (Overnight, iTunes)


Green Mittens / Water Had Leaked Into My Suit

Plumtree Green Mittens / Water Had Leaked Into My Suit
1994, Cinnamon Toast Records

Originally released as two separate 7” records in 1994, the original records are long gone but the digital download is now available from Zunior!

These recordings reflect the earliest days of the band. Green Mittens, originally recorded by Sloan’s Chris Murphy, was their first release. Water Had Leaked Into My Suit came shortly after and features three recordings exclusive to this release.

Format: “digital download”: (Zunior)

Bells Clanging: The Law of Averages

Bells Clanging: The Law of Averages
2008, independent

The smooth, dreamy debut EP from Vancouver’s Bells Clanging features Jason V. Starnes (Kids These Days), Geoff Miller (Bontempi) and Carla and Lynette Gillis.

Format: digital download only (Zunior)