19 May 2016

Regardless of the fact that Plumtree disbanded 16 years ago, we have exciting news to announce shortly! Thank you to everyone who took part in our Final Chance Sale, where we sold off the very, very, very last of limited-edition CD pressings of our original albums. It was great hearing from new (and old) fans and seeing that the flame for our little band still burns in tiny corners around the world. THANK YOU! More news coming soon.


03 Sep 2015

Recently, a special someone discovered some old stock of Plumtree merchandise in his closet. Until then we thought we had completely sold out of the first two Plumtree albums, Mass Teen Fainting and Plumtree Predicts the Future. We’ve had people write asking for these albums and we’re excited to announce the last opportunity to get your hands on them! There are other goodies as part of the sale also…

We have very limited quantities and this is definitely the last time our catalogue will be available non-digitally. Check out our shop for the FINAL CHANCE sale!

Bryan flew in from L.A.!

02 Mar 2015

We apologize for the infrequent updates on this site. The reason is WE HAVE NEW BANDS! Catriona just released a new album called Bumble Bee. Carla and Lynette, who have a new band called Overnight, just released a new album called Carry Me Home. We played a release show together on Feb 28 and Bryan Lee O’Malley flew in for it! For more:,

Plumtree Shirts...

11 Oct 2013

are almost sold out! In fact, the medium black shirts already are. This may be our last batch so order ‘em while you can!

Plumtree's very first singles now available digitally!

05 Mar 2013

We’ve had many requests for copies of our early 7” records, which are long gone. Although these will probably never be re-pressed they’re now available by digital download on Zunior! These are our earliest recordings and reveal just how young we really were… check out “Green Mittens / Water Had Leaked Into My Suit” in our shop.

Original Albums SOLD OUT!

11 Feb 2013

Thanks to all of you for supporting us and purchasing our music through the old fashioned means of mail order. We’re officially sold out of all three of our original albums. For those of you wanting pressed copies we do have our BEST OF album still available…

No Shipping Over Holidays!

10 Dec 2012

Hello folks,

With the small production we have in order to mail you CDs and t-shirts we have to put a hold on shipping from December 18 – 28 while we take a holiday break. That means you can still order from our ‘shop’ but your orders won’t be mailed between these dates. Anything ordered during this time will be shipped to you after December 28.

Happy Holidays from Plumtree!

Last of the Original Pressing...

27 Sep 2012

We’re selling our very last copies of Mass Teen Fainting, the only album available from it’s original pressing. If you’ve been holding out it’s now or never!

Cheers from Plumtree

Black Tee?

12 Jun 2012

Due to popular demand the black “Mass Teen Fainting” t-shirts are back! See the shop for more details.

Plumtree turns 19

12 Apr 2012

We had our very first practice on April 9, 1993 in a suburb called Fairview in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It blows my mind that that was 19 years ago!


Here's a Shout-out to...

09 Nov 2011

Jeremy Parry-Ewing in Australia for your email of awesomeness!

A Place Called Plumtree

16 Oct 2011

… exists near Indiana in the U.S. Thanks to Jason Tindall for sending us these photos. Check them out on our ‘Photo’ page. The ‘Plumtree United Church of Christ’ is the best part.

No more...

29 Apr 2011

Plumtree t-shirts are available through our website… at least for now. We’ve sold out of the black “Mass Teen Fainting” shirts. You can order the yellow/red ringer T from the websites linked in our shop.

XO Plumtree

Hello World

13 Mar 2011

Hello to All:

We’re loving the orders and emails we’ve been receiving from all over the world – Australia, Germany, Chile, England, the U.S., Brazil! Of course Canada also. One of the best parts is when people take the time to write an email explaining their relationship with our music. Whether it’s a new fan in Erewash, England or someone who saw us play ten years ago in Sault Ste Marie, Canada, it’s fun reading your stories.

One small note for any of you t-shirt buying folks, we’ve just sold out of small black Plumtree shirts. We can make more if there’s enough demand. If you want to reach out, you can write us at


Happy 2011!

04 Jan 2011

Wow, 2010 was quite the year. We never expected to have Plumtree reemerge from the ashes and gain new fans worldwide. 2010 really was an exceptional year for us and we’re grateful to all of you who supported us.

We were thrilled to get a recent email from a radio show host in Erewash, Dirbyshire, UK who informed us that our song “You Just Don’t Exist” became the most requested song of December with a total of 87 requests! Amazing! Keep the fun emails coming our way at

Please take note: if you want to order the yellow/red ringer Plumtree shirt, you’ll have to order through TV Store Online and 80s Tees websites (both links are listed in our ‘Shop’).

Happy New Year!


Holiday shipping and a gift to you

02 Dec 2010

Is it cold where you live? Eek, it is here in Toronto. And it’s December now so my crazy neighbours are covering their houses and yards with holiday lights and inflatable reindeer and I guess I should go out to the garage and dig out my stuff, too. Soon.

If you were into Scott Pilgrim Vs the World or read all of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s rad books, you might be considering gifting someone in your life with, say, the “Michael Cera costume.” Or the Plumtree album with “Scott Pilgrim” on it (sadly, the original’s sold out, but the song’s available on our new Best Of). Or maybe you’re just a fan of us and want our albums! (Kisses to you all.)

We recommend placing orders by December 10 so they reach you in time without you having to pay an arm and a leg for priority shipping. Also, we’re going away for the holidays, so our online shop will be taking a breather from approximately Dec 20-30. (We mail out everything ourselves.)

And now the “gift to you” part. In 1994, we recorded a wee cassette called Flutterboard with Laurence Currie that’s long out of print. Old-school fan and all-around awesome guy Lee at Happy Puppy Records has just digitized it, and we’re offering it to you for a limited time despite us being, well, embarrassed by the tunes. (Yes “Depp” is about Johnny Depp, and, yes, Amanda’s singing to a cat in “Hey Whiskers.”) The gift of giving, right? Enjoy!

Flutterboard on Happy Puppy Records.


Bucky Awards

02 Nov 2010

Well, Halloween was fun, wasn’t it? Thanks to all of you who ordered Plumtree T-shirts to complete your Scott Pilgrim costumes. We did our damndest to make sure they reached you in time. Catriona deserves huge credit for that. Thanks Catriona! Lynette and I played with our band SISTER and wore feathery masks that obscured our vision.

In other news, today we found out that SISTER is nominated for two CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards, in the best new artist and best vocals categories. Lynette and I are flattered, surprised and thrilled by this. The vocals nomination is an especially big surprise since neither of us consider ourselves top-notch singers. We just do what we can.

If any of you feel so inclined as to cast a ballot in our favour (or for any of the other great bands), you can do so here:

Best Vocals
Best New Artist

Thanks in advance!


Ordering Shirts for Hallowe'en

20 Oct 2010

Need a Yellow Plumtree shirt with a red-ringer in time for Hallowe’en? Please choose priority shipping to get your shirt on time.

The deadline for ordering (click on priority mail) is:

Monday, Oct 25th (US/AUS)
Tuesday, Oct 26th (Canada)
Wednesday, Oct 27 (US)


Last year I went as a yak, but I’m still not sure what to go as this year. Sfar my only idea is Meat Cat from season 4 of 30 Rock. I’m open to suggestions!

Tours and Tees.

15 Oct 2010

Well, I’m back from France and had an awesome time. The morning after my return, Lynette and I jumped into a car and drove to Montreal for Pop Montreal. We played with Dog Day, the Sheepdogs, Daniel Romano and Fred Squires and it was excellent. The next night in Ottawa was even more fun, mostly because Catriona played, too, and because Raw Sugar is a divine venue.

We posted some pics of our brief sojourn on our Facebook page:

Mini-tour pics

SISTER now has T-shirts for sale. Want to want to wear a picture of Lynette and me on your chest? Of course you do!


Also, Halloween is shaping up to be filled with Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers costumes, if our mail order sales are any indication. If you’re considering this idea, we recommend placing your order within the next week.

xo Carla.

Sold out!

23 Sep 2010

Hey everyone:

Our second album, Plumtree Predicts the Future, is now officially sold out! This is unfortunate as we’d love to keep sending them out to you all but if there’s enough demand we can press more copies. But that’s it for the original pressing! We’re also sold out of our last album, This Day Won’t Last At All. The only album we have original pressings left of is our first album, Mass Teen Fainting. Thankfully, our new Best Of is available digitally as well as on CD.


Tribute album.

15 Sep 2010

Good man Scott Grimbleby from Gooseberry Records took it upon himself to pull together a Plumtree tribute album. We’re very flattered, and it was so fun listening to such diverse takes on our tunes, including a glam-rocky rendition of Shoot To Scoop (Matt Reid), Thrilled To Be Here reinterpreted as drone (Arctique Circles), Bells Clanging’s (sans Lynette and me) gorgeous version of Lies I Tell Myself, HotKid’s rollicking Why Won’t You Stop, etc. etc. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed. It can be purchased here:

We’ve Liked You For A Thousand Years: A Tribute to Plumtree

For Toronto-based Plumtree fans, Carla and Lynette’s band SISTER has announced another show: Friday, October 29 at the Garrison with Sheezer! For the uninitiated, Sheezer’s an all-girl Weezer tribute band (wisely playing only Pinkerton and Blue Album tunes).

Now I’m going to France. Goodbye.


Sister shows in Montreal and Ottawa

07 Sep 2010

Hey new and old Plumtree fans! We are happy to report that our brand-new Best Of album is flying off the shelves, as are those questionably coloured “Michael Cera costume” T-shirts. Thanks, everybody! And Lynette and I really appreciate those who have taken a chance on our new SISTER project by ordering our EP. Grateful.

Speaking of SISTER, we have two shows coming up just as October sets in:

Pop Montreal
Friday, October 1, O Patro Vys (356 Mont-Royal E), Montreal

Raw Sugar with Catriona Sturton
Saturday, October 2, Raw Sugar (692 Somerset St W), Ottawa

But first I’m going to France for a while. Whoa. Never been. Also, thanks to all those bloggers who’ve given Plumtree and SISTER shout-outs. And thanks to you Last FM peeps who have kept Plumtree at the top of the Hype Charts for three weeks now. Here are some recent reviews:

Eye Weekly approves the SISTER EP
Why Scott Pilgrim is the best movie of 2010
Swing Status loves Plumtree and/yet calls us painfully nerdy
A Best Of review in Polish. Hopefully it’s positive
Chart always manages to call one of us Laura
The mighty Exclaim! hypes the Best Of
Punk News
OST track-by-track analysis in The Guardian
Oh! Can’t forget Pitchfork

Also we FREAKED OUT when we heard that Steven Van Zandt played us on Little Steven’s Underground Garage. Insanely cool.

xo Carla.

Best Of is ready

15 Aug 2010

Our Shop section’s updated with lots of goodies, including the brand-new Best Of compilation.

Everything's Amazing

14 Aug 2010

Um, things are amazing right now. Thanks to everyone who has bought the soundtrack (#6 on iTunes!) and gone to see the movie and downloaded our songs and bought our T-shirts. We’re incredibly grateful.

We’re in the process of adding a whack more items to our Shop, including our fresh-off-the-press Best Of compilation! Lynette picked them up from the plant yesterday and they look fantastic. It’s already available on iTunes thanks to a partnership with Outside Distribution. Thanks, Outside!

Also, Gooseberry Records is about to release a tribute compilation to Plumtree, featuring Hexes & Ohs, Woodpigeon, Matt Reid, HotKid and many other great Canadian bands! Details coming soon.

Also, we are stunned by the barrage of good press! Never thought we’d ever get mentioned in Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly. Here are links to other interviews we’ve done in the last few days.

National Post interview w/ Carla Gillis, Emily Haines, Chris Murphy, Kevin Drew
Ottawa Citizen article with Catriona Sturton
Carla Gillis-written article about writing Scott Pilgrim, for The Coast
Lovely review of the SISTER EP by The Coast
Thumbs-up review of This Day on Naive Harmonies
Great SP movie review on
Fake Lucas Lee movie posters with titles borrowed from ancient Plumtree songs

Last but not least, Amanda just handed in her PhD dissertation!!!! Eight years in the making. Huge congratulations, friend.

For regular updates, join us on Facebook and Twitter. And go see the movie!

xo Carla.

Soundtrack out now!

10 Aug 2010

Guys! The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World soundtrack is in stores today. There’s even limited-edition red vinyl (Bryan promised he’d get us copies). “Scott Pilgrim” appears as track number two, and it’s the 1996 version from an obscure split 7-inch. Rare! We haven’t heard it yet but are told Nigel Godrich made it massive-sounding during the mastering process. Can you believe he even listened to it let alone worked on it? It blows our minds.

Another thing that blows our minds is that Jay Leno’s Tonight Show house band played an instrumental version of “Scott Pilgrim” as Jason Schwartzman’s walk-on song. Translation: those total pros learned our dorky riffs! Our lives are getting surreal. My young niece Jessica unearthed the clip but it’s since been removed. Instead, here’s a clip of three Plumtree members playing the tune at the launch of Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 in Toronto:

An Almost Plumtree Reunion

Some other recent press:

AllMusic reviews the soundtrack
Washington Post reviews the soundtrack reviews the new EP from Plumtree’s Carla and Lynette Gillis
Plus a very funny clip of Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman doing the weather on Fox 5.


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

08 Aug 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World? It’s one terrific, innovative, very funny film. The members of Plumtree got the opportunity to see it Thursday night at its Toronto premiere at the elegant Winter Garden Theatre. Amanda flew in from Vancouver, Catriona took the bus from Ottawa, and once everyone arrived we got dressed to the nines. Plumtree, I should point out, were never a dressed-to-the-nines band. We were a jeans and T-shirt band, so heels are a big deal for us. Pictures to come.

Chris Murphy from Sloan sat in the row across from us, members of Holy Fuck in the row behind us, Bryan Lee O’Malley and his lovely family in another nearby row, Kid Koala DJed from the stage. Then Edgar Wright appeared, introduced the cast, the lights went down, everyone settled in with their popcorn, and then blammo! Immediate fun right out of the gates.

Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that Michael Cera is both more adorable and tougher than in any previous role, the laughs are big, the pace is invigorating, and there’s so much quick wit in the dialogue and special effects that you’ll want to see it at least three more times in order to catch everything. Like, we knew Bryan and Hope made a cameo appearance yet we missed it.

Few directors could’ve translated these books onto film so well. Edgar’s brilliant (and sweet… we met him at the afterparty), and Bryan, well, we just can’t thank him enough.

So go see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on opening night! Plumtree asked you to.


06 Aug 2010

Best. Week. Ever.


29 Jul 2010

Exciting news. The brand-new EP by Carla and Lynette Gillis’s SISTER is now available through

SISTER on Zunior


T-shirt Delays and Press.

28 Jul 2010

So last week SISTER played at the launch of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s sixth and final Scott Pilgrim book (go out and buy it now!) and it was crazy fun. We launched our debut EP that night too (order your copy by sending an email to but ended up selling more Plumtree CDs and T-shirts than anything else!

We sold so many Plumtree shirts, in fact, that we are now sold-out of most sizes. Apologies if you placed an order recently. A new shipment will arrive any day now.

Recent press:

Exclaim Aug 2010 Cover Story
Modern Suburbanite
CBC Mainstreet

Next up: the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie premiere in Toronto, Aug 5. Amanda is flying in from Vancouver, Catriona’s taking the bus from Ottawa. Today Lynette and I go shopping for shoes! Oh, and the Best Of compilation will be ready then, too!


Best Of and SISTER

18 Jul 2010

Hey all,

It’s busy times here in Plumtreeland, despite the fact that we broke up 10 years ago. We’ve decided to release a Best Of compilation that will be available in mid-August. It’ll feature an even-handed selection from our three CDs, as well as the original 1996 version of “Scott Pilgrim” from our split 7-inch with the Inbreds.

We’re just finishing up the artwork and struggling to find a decent band photo to include. We have no decent band photos. Seriously. Only unflattering snapshots taken by friends, terribly lit performance shots, and staged ones that catch us mid-blink or too serious or with terrible haircuts and ruddy complexions. Ah, the tribulations of teenagedom.

In other news, *Carla and Lynette’s new band, SISTER, release their debut EP tomorrow night at The Central in Toronto, as part of the Scott Pilgrim vol 6 book launch. It’s going to be a fun-filled night, with Bryan on hand signing books and Catriona on hand as a special guest for a special cover of a special song during SISTER’s set. If you’re in Toronto, be there!

Both the Best Of and SISTER’s EP will initially be available through and mail order (,, and eventually available through iTunes and select stores. Stay tuned for details.

Also, SISTER launched a website, so please stop by for a visit.

xo Carla (*occasionally writing in third-person, for some reason)

Scott Pilgrim single digitized

30 Jun 2010

Okay so the fantastic Dave Ullrich over at has made the original 1996 recording of Plumtree’s “Scott Pilgrim” available for digital download.

There’s a neat backstory to this. Back in 1996, Dave Ullrich played drums in the Inbreds, one of Canada’s best indie bands, and we were thrilled when he asked us to be on a split seven-inch with them. We’d just finished writing “Scott Pilgrim” so we went into a local studio and quickly recorded it as the B-side to the Inbreds’ “North Window.”

The seven-inch came out on PF Records, Dave’s label. It was a limited release with cool artwork. The records sold out years ago. Bryan Lee O’Malley was one of the few who owned a copy, and it was this version of the song (we recorded “Scott Pilgrim” again for our second album, Predicts the Future, which came out a year later) he was listening to while creating his early SP comics.

It’s also this 1996 version that he put on a mixtape for Edgar Wright during the early stages of the movie’s production. And it’s this version that will appear on the upcoming soundtrack. Till now, it’s been spread around the internet as a crinkly copy recorded from vinyl, so we’re thankful Dave took the time to digitize it from the master and make it available for sale again (on Zunior, his digital music store dedicated to Canadian indie bands).

Also, this resurrects the Inbreds’ “North Window,” which is a fantastic song!

Buy it here.


22 Jun 2010

Little old Plumtree made it onto the big Hollywood soundtrack. “Scott Pilgrim” is track number two, and it’s sandwiched between Beck and Frank Black. A dream come true.

We also made it onto Pitchfork! Check out the list of amazing talent that makes up this soundtrack:

Plumtree on Pitchfork

xo Carla.


04 May 2010

I just want to give a shout-out to some of the awesome fans who have sent letters to us recently. Jonathan Zaragoza, I got yours during a busy day at work and it was just what I needed. Albert Divetta, we all loved that sweet story about your daughter touching worms for the first time and how it reminded you of In The Sink. Also thanks for that list of your favourite Plumtree songs. We throwing together a Best Of e-comp, so suggestions are welcome.

xo Carla.

XL Shirts

23 Apr 2010

We now have XL shirts! See the Shop for more details.

Digital Downloads

25 Mar 2010

I’m working on getting these links up in our Shop, but for now, please know that digital downloads of Plumtree albums can be purchased through We have a limited number of CD copies too. Email us for deets:

Mass Teen Fainting, from 1995.
Predicts The Future, from 1997. This album includes the song Scott Pilgrim.
This Day Won’t Last At All, from 2000.

Scott Pilgrim movie trailer

25 Mar 2010

Bryan Lee O’Malley kindly sent us a link to the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie trailer. We’re thrilled to see Michael Cera wearing a Plumtree t-shirt for much of it! Ch-ch-check it out.


07 Feb 2010

Welcome! The site is complete! If you’d like to leave a comment please do so on the Photo page.


02 Feb 2010

Hi Friends:

Welcome to the new Plumtree website! We’re still working on a section for you all to leave comments. For now, you can write us at for comments, questions, etc. Enjoy!

Facebook page.

13 Jan 2010

Hey friends, old and new:

We keep a Plumtree facebook page fairly up-to-date, so be sure to join:

xo Carla.


11 Jan 2010

Welcome to the Plumtree site! Check out the freshly added photos, videos, and shop! Send us feedback and comments at We’d love to hear from you.

Video Section in progress ...

19 Dec 2009

We’re working on the video section … check it out if you want to!

Welcome to!

14 Dec 2009

Welcome to the official Plumtree website! Things are still in progress, but the Band section is up (for the most part).